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   Our mechanics and staff are

   professionally trained and certified

   to the exacting standards you would

   expect for a Jaguar. You cannot just

   go to any mechanic. However, we do

   not have the overhead of most

  dealers, and will pass the savings on to

 you so you can keep your Jaguar running smoothly.

Avoid the dealership

 mechanic-speak and

  runaround. It's time to

   bring your Jaguar to your

    personal mechanic at

     Euro-Tech Motor Werks, Inc.

Family Owned & Operated since 1996 for a reason!

You can judge a mechanic by how orderly and clean the tools are kept. At Euro-Tech Motor Werks, Inc. we keep our tools clean, and your vehicle clean and running like it should.

Oklahoma's Specialized Independent Jaguar service for ALL MODELS - new and classic.

Next time your Jaguar needs some attention – whether it’s for an oil change or an engine change – come visit us. We are certified to service and repair all Jaguar Luxury Sedans, Jaguar Sports Cars, and Jaguar SUVs.


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